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2018 Free Press Cup Details

If you wish to enter the Free Press Cup please send a cheque for £25 make payable to “George BC” send to Martin McGuinness, 78 Devon Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B67 5EJ. Need confirmation from you as soon as possible. The rules are below. 

The title of the competition shall be “The Free Press Cup”


The control of the competition shall be undertaken by the organiser.


Any club whose green is within 40 miles of the post code B70 8AQ shall be eligible to enter the competition (Please use Google Maps for clarification). This postcode being within 100ft of the old Free Press Printing & Publishing Offices, High Street, West Bromwich.

Entry to the competition shall be on a “first come first served” basis. A valid entry will consist of an enquiry to the organiser by phone or email followed by payment of £25.00 per team. The first 32 entry payments received will qualify for entry in to the competition. No team will be allowed to play in the competition unless the money has been received by the organizer.

Clubs may enter a maximum of two teams into the competition. Clubs that do enter two teams must operate initially a squad system where by players that play in team ‘A’ may not play for team ‘B’ in a round and vice versa. However if the ‘B’ team are eliminated from the competition then all ‘B’ team squad players will be available to play for the ‘A’ team in the next round and thereafter. This may well help teams to get games played later on in the competition when holidays are being taken.

Successful entries will be notified by email and a request for further details. Unsuccessful entries will also be notified by email and will be placed on a reserve list if they so wish.


The competition shall be organised on a knockout basis.

The organiser and one member of a participating club will be responsible for making the draw a club entering an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ team will have each side placed in different halves of the draw.  Teams will not be re-drawn after each round.

Matches leading up to the final shall be played on a 6 home 6 away basis. All matches shall be 21 up unless stated otherwise. (The final will be played as 12 a side on a neutral green.)

At each venue captains will make a numbered draw.

Games will commence at a start time agreed between clubs. The match shall commence with a minimum of three ends to the green, as each individual game finishes another should start – the green should be occupied by a minimum of three active ends where possible.


A player shall only be eligible to play in the competition for one club in any one season.


A minimum of one qualified BCGBA Referee will be used for the final.

In rounds leading up to the final each team may permit one player to be on the green in addition to the individual games.


Matches must be played by the cut off dates advertised. It is the responsibility of both clubs to agree a date on which the match will be played.

If clubs cannot agree a suitable date then both clubs should refer the matter to the organiser. In the instance whereby a club has entered the competition and it is clear that they are unable to fulfil matches by the cut off dates detailed – the club in question may face disqualification in the event of a fixture dispute.


The winning team shall be responsible for submitting the result to the organiser by email ( within 48 hours of the completed fixture.

The result shall consist of:

  • Date played
  • Team names
  • Full scorecard from both venues including full player names
  • Total aggregate score


In the event of a tie, each captain at each venue shall nominate one player to return to the green. A 15-up game shall then commence at each venue.

If the game is still tied then repeat the above, but play a 6-up game at each venue.

In the event that the final ends in a tie, each captain shall nominate three players to return to the green. A numbered draw shall follow and the games will be 21-up.


BCGBA dress code will apply in the final only. The draw will have been done in advance with both teams submitting a list of players numbered from 1 to 12 to the organizer, this to be done a minimum of seven days before the final. The toss of a coin toss will decide who leads jacks ( “odds” or “evens” ).

As previously detailed, the final shall be played as 12 a side at a neutral venue.

The green to be used will be named nearer the final date and does not necessarily have to be a green / club that has participated in the competition.


Any matter not covered by the above rules and regulations should be referred to the organiser. Playing matters not covered will be guided by BCGBA rules.

The club in possession of The Free Press Cup trophy should return it to the organiser in an acceptable condition 14 days prior to the final.


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