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Good luck to our pairs!

The League and Summit Garage would like to wish our pairs in the Mel Evans MBE Centenary Mixed the best of luck at the Waterloo Hotel today. Moor Lane’s Jack Whitehead teams up with Lorraine Vinall as they take on Tony & Pat Roscoe. Andy Saunders of West Brom FSC is with Michelle Saunders and plays Fred Anderton & Sheila Speed. His team mate Rachel Bennett plays with Steve Maritza and play Mark & Natalie Hughes. Scott Harries of Penn is with Cheryl Caswell and plays Cameron Ghaffer and Leah Keyworth, while Wrockwardine Wood’s Jamie King and Sally Clee are against Owen Doyle and Lynsey Gorman. The George’s Paul Hemming is with Tracey Baker and takes on Martin Lally and Kath Taylor.

The Mel Evans MBE Centenary Mixed Pairs takes place at the Waterloo Hotel in Blackpool, with Graham & Catherine Wilson looking to add their name to the trophy again after winning it the last two seasons. The draw is below.

Centenary Mixed Pairs Saturday 6th October
at Waterloo B.C. Blackpool 10.00am Start.
All games 21 up with 3 start on the card.
  1. Rob & Margaret Swift (North Lancs & Fylde)
  2. Jack & Rachel Clarke (South Yorkshire)
  3. Fred Anderton & Sheila Speed (Lancashire)
  4. Andy & Michelle Saunders (Warwick & Worcester)
  5. Andy Spragg & Kellie Hill (Derbyshire)
  6. Gerry Riley & Anita Richardson (Merseyside)
  7. Mark & Natalie Hughes (Yorkshire)
  8. Steve Maritza & Rachel Bennett (Staffordshire)
  9. Graham & Catherine Wilson (Greater Manchester)
  10. Neil Withers & Alison Keggen (Isle of Man)
  11. Steve Parker & Carolyn Warren (North Lancs & Fylde)
  12. Ernie Wearing & Sarah Fox (South Yorkshire)
  13. Adam Walker & Jayne Bates (Warwick & Worcester)
  14. Peter & Linda Wheeldon (Derbyshire)
  15. Scott Harries & Cheryl Caswell (Shropshire)
  16. Cameron Ghaffer & Leah Keyworth (Yorkshire)
  17. Owen Doyle & Lynsey Gorman (Merseyside)
  18. Jamie King & Sally Clee (Shropshire)
  19. Martin Lally & Kath Taylor (Yorkshire)
  20. Paul Hemming & Tracy Baker (Warwick & Worcester)
  21. Neil Slattery & Stacey Dyson (Greater Manchester)
  22. Michael & Barbara Knowles (North Lancs & Fylde)
  23. Jordan Cain & Amanda Lawler (Isle of Man)
  24. Kevin & Jackie Banniste (Derbyshire)
  25. Neil Fletcher & Andria Ainsley (South Yorkshire)
  26. Clive & Julie Alderman (Staffordshire)
  27. Nathan & Jacquie Haigh (Yorkshire)
  28. Steve Tate & Anne Rutter (North Midlands)
  29. Vin O’Donnell & Eileen Pye (North Lancs & Fylde)
  30. Mark & Gill Sutton (Greater Manchester)
  31. Tony & Mrs Pat Roscoe (Lancashire)
  32. Jack Whitehead & Lorraine Vinall (Warwick & Worcester)

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