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Gameweek 14 Review – Premier Division

Greville go top, Nordley whitewash, Moseley give themselves chance

Greville have gone top of the Summit Garage Staffordshire Premier Bowls League after winning 9-3 at Moor Lane in Gameweek 14 of the Premier Division. It was another impressive win in a run of 11 out of 12 to take top spot off long time leaders the George. Stand in captain Josh Hale said “what a result! A tough place to go and every man performed, couldn’t ask for any more of the lads currently, pulled ourselves from absolutely nowhere to be back in the hunt well and truly. We’ve got four cup finals now to the end of the season, starting with the George at home next week.” Ross Dunkley was their best winner and MVP 6, with the home side’s best winner being Ashley Hickman 18 and MVP being Chris Gerrard 20. The George’s cause was not helped by a whitewash at Willenhall Nordley. Captain Scott Simpson led the way with a 21-11 card with Richard Bate. Dave Semper got the MVP for winning 15. For the Champions it was Elliot McGuinness who got MVP for getting 20. Castlefields are just two points behind Moor Lane in 3rd after getting 4 winners at St Georges. Adie Rowe and Kiah Roberts were best winners 16, with the latter getting MVP. For the Dragons it was Mike Wainwright who was best winner 5 and Lewis Scott MVP for winning 11.

Moseley CC have given themselves a chance of staying up with a 9-3 win at West Brom FSC. Skipper Nick Peters said “I wasn’t there to witness this great and much needed win, really proud of the team for showing some true grit and passion. It’s given us a slim chance of staying up.” Stand in captain Bill Kinchin gave the account of how the game went. “Game 1 was James Seville versus Steve Evitts. James commanded the game from the start and edged his way to 17-13 before Steve found a mark to run out. I played at 2 and was nip and tuck at 11 across but found some good bowls to win to 16. Ron Regan was 3, his game was similar to mine going from 13-14 down to win 15 (and win MVP). Gavin Dunkley was 4, again nip and tuck early on, Gav led 9-8 before Alan Cooke found a mark to run out to 12. Craig Round played 5 and took on in form Andy Saunders, he played ok but Andy used his green knowledge to win to 11 and was given MVP. Grant Soller was 6 and played really well to go 20-15 up but Mick Cooke drew back level at 20 across but a great last bowl sealed the win for Sol. Our own Saunders, Scott, took on Rachel Bennett at 7 and soon found himself 7-0 and 9-3 down but fought back and won the game for us with a great last bowl, taking out Rachel’s bowl to leave him 2 on for game, and winning 15. Last up was Adam Kirby who began to show some form , playing some great bowls and scoring 7 2’s in winning to 11 (to be best winner). So five winners on the night, a great all round performance.” They are now 11 behind M&B Cheslyn Hay, who they still have to play, after they beat Dudley Dell 7-3. Aaron Tapper and Cliff Johnson were best winners 12, with Cliff taking the MVP award. Paul Beechey was the visitor’s best winner 11, but Ash Gregory was MVP for winning 20.

The Greville are 8 ahead of the George. At the bottom and West Brom FSC are 9 behind Moseley CC and another 11 adrift of M&B Cheslyn Hay. Callum Wraight is still top of the League Averages despite not playing, and Andy Saunders is two clear with 7 MVPs for the Mark Taylor Support Ltd. award.

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