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Midland Masters Finals Day Draw

The draw for the finals day of the Midland Masters is below. Our qualifiers are marked in bold below.

It takes place at Prees at 10 a.m. on Sunday 15th September.

1Aaron Tapper (Staffordshire)  Elliot McGuinness (Warwick & Worcester)
2Stuart Perry (North Midlands)  Matt Rushton (Potteries & District)
3Roy Bradburn (Shropshire)  Matt Milsom (Derbyshire)
4Andy Runham (Staffordshire)  Steve Davies (Warwick & Worcester)
5Mark Blackmore (North Midlands)  Wayne Rogers (Shropshire)
6Martin Davies (Potteries & District)  Andy Milsom (Derbyshire)
7Gordon Hawkins (Staffordshire)  Ashley Wellings (Shropshire)
8Joe Williamson (Potteries & District)  Joe Bown (Warwick & Worcester)
9Lewis Belcher (Derbyshire)  Adam Kirby (Warwick & Worcester)
10Gary Cooper (Staffordshire)  Darren Day (North Midlands)
11Glyn Storer (Staffordshire)  Connor Chamberlain (Derbyshire)
12Adam Jackson (Potteries & District)  Adrian Jennings (Shropshire)
13Leigh Burdett (North Midlands)  Callum Briddon (Derbyshire)
14Ivan Smout (Warwick & Worcester)  Jamie King (Shropshire)
15Scott Simpson (Staffordshire)  Chris Kearns (No County)
16Paul Miller (Warwick & Worcester)  David Ord (North Midlands)
17Peter Farmer (Shropshire)  Phil Owen (Potteries & District)
18Matt Aspin (North Midlands)  Ian Hickey (Warwick & Worcester)
19Gary Jones (Staffordshire)  Max Jefferson (Staffordshire)
20John Dewey (Derbyshire)  Chris Baker (Warwick & Worcester)
21Joe Melvin (Potteries & District)  Steve Freer (Staffordshire)
22John Higgins (Warwick & Worcester)  Andrew Hughes (Shropshire)
23Matthew Allen (North Midlands)  Kerry Morris (Potteries & District)
24Stuart Gittings (Staffordshire)  Adam Hartley (Derbyshire)
25Ian Johnson (Derbyshire)  Chris Challen (North Midlands)
26Dave Semper (Staffordshire)  Wayne Phillips (Shropshire)
27Gary Beff (Shropshire)  Darren Clews (North Midlands)
28James Cosgrave (Warwick & Worcester)  John Hambleton (Potteries & District)
29Josh Towey (Potteries & District)  Shane Day (North Midlands)
30Danny Sillitoe (Derbyshire)  Stuart Rutter (Shropshire)
31John Price (Potts) (Potteries & District)  Adam Dickerson (Derbyshire)
32Paul Freeth (Warwick & Worcester)  Reece Farr (Staffordshire)

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