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Half Yearly Meeting 2010

Minutes of Half Yearly Meeting / Prize Presentation � Mon 22nd Nov 2010

Apologies � Mark Hall � Lea Hall � Dudley Dell (Absent). Lea Hall & Dudley Dell to be fined �10 as per rule 4.

The Minutes of the Half Yearly meeting held on 16/11/09 were read & agreed to be a true copy with no matters arising.

Financial report � Lynn Pritchatt informed the meeting she anticipated a year end balance of around �360. She added that all clubs had paid their fees for the 2010 season.

Website review � Paul Hickman explained the problems with the website for the last few weeks of the season were due to a software problem. This resulted in the need to rebuild the seasons results.

Rule amendment proposals

Proposed by Lea Hall � Amend Rule 19 to read

Any club having two teams in the league must register separate squads. Players can only play for the team they are registered with and cannot play for their clubs other team. � NO SECONDER.

Proposed by St Georges � Amend Rule 11 to read

Matches to be played on a total aggregate scoring system, plus points for individual games won. Points to be awarded as follows :-

Two points home aggregate win � One point home aggregate draw.

Three points away aggregate win � Two points away aggregate draw.

One point shall be awarded for each individual game won by a player.

In the event of teams level on points the league places to be decided by the side with better aggregate, then by the side with most league wins, then by the side with the most individual games won.

Promotion & Relegation will be two up & two down. � NOT CARRIED � 8 FOR & 17 AGAINST.

Proposed by West Bromwich F.S.C. � Amend Rule 11 to read

After �Two points away aggregate draw� Add �In matches between two teams who use the same home green, both teams shall be awarded points as if they were the home team�- NO SECONDER

Proposed rule amendment by Executive Committee – Amend Rule 16 to read

A condition of membership is that all clubs have scoreboards in operation within twelve months of joining the league. Failure to use scoreboards will result in the home team being fined of �10 per league game. PROPOSAL CARRIED 12 FOR & 10 AGAINST

Applications & Resignations � Drakes Drum resigned. Victoria Park, Hawkins Sports & Sir John Bayley accepted into league.

Formation of league for 2011 � Three proposals for the league formation were put to the meeting. Voting as follows :-

Divisions of 10-10-8-8 received 7 votes

Divisions of 12-12-12 received 7 votes

Divisions of 10-10-10-6 received 13 votes and was therefore carried. It was agreed clubs in division three play each other four times.

Proposed dates for 2011 � Commence 11th April & Finish 5th September.

The date for Annual General Meeting � Mon 17th Jan 2011

The President closed the meeting at 9.05pm & the prize presentation followed.