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Playoffs 2017

Playoff Final (Chadsmoor v Moor Lane)

Moor Lane earned their place in the 2018 Summit Garage Premier League after defeating Chadsmoor by 30 chalks tonight at Maddocks. It was Chadsmoor who had the better of the first four though, with Cliff Johnson always up and after leading 11-1 on a falling mark managed to win 11. This was backed up by Kevin Keary, but his opponent Adam Patrick fought back from 16-8 and 19-11 down to get back to 16. Shelton Orpe was also 10-5 down early on but got his nose in front at 17-16 up and won 20. Kirk Stevens played very well against Russ Pegram converting an early 10-3 lead into a 13 win which was crucial for Moor Lane. This meant that Chadsmoor led by 8.

Into the back and Moor Lane took the game by the scruff of its neck by building up big leads in every game. Ashley Hickman led 18-10, Simon Trentham 13-5, Lee Woodfield 10-5 and Jack Whitehead 10-3. Ashley managed to finish his game 12 which put Moor Lane into the lead, and with Jack Whitehead getting better and better in an unblemished performance, as well as Simon Trentham playing well on 30m round pegs, it was a case of who came off first and won the game for the Lane with both on 20. It was Simon who came off first winning 12, and despite a couple of excellent strikes by Stuart Edwards, Jack came off soon after winning 4. Lee Woodfield held off a late Pete Cookson fightback to win 18 and give Moor Lane a 30 shot lead overall.

Jack Whitehead won Man of the Match again after his excellent performance at number 8.

Well done to Moor Lane for another excellent performance, while commiserations for Chadsmoor on their relegation to the feeder leagues. I’m sure they will regroup and will be back!


Chadsmoor v Moor Lane
1. Russ Pegram 13-21 Kirk Stevens
2. Kevin Keary 21-16 Adam Patrick
3. Shelton Orpe 21-20 Bob Hickman
4. Cliff Johnson 21-11 Alan Cooke
5. Chris Lester 12-21 Ashley Hickman
6. Allan Parsons 12-21 Simon Trentham
7. Pete Cookson 18-21 Lee Woodfield
8. Stuart Edwards 4-21 Jack Whitehead

Chadsmoor 122-152 Moor Lane

Moor Lane won by 30.

Pre-Playoff (Moor Lane v Three Magpies)

Moor Lane overcame a late scare to book their place against Chadsmoor next Monday as they beat Three Magpies by 15 on Penn tonight. After the start was delayed half an hour to sweep water off the green it was Moor Lane who started the best, being up in all but one of the games. Adam Patrick led the way though over the middle winning 4 while Kirk Stevens led 16 6 before Tony Williams rallied on a round peg to get back to 16 13. Alan Cooke led Adam Kirby before Adam came back to level until Alan won 17. Glen Herbert led 11 5 but Bob Hickman came back to level at 17 across before getting across the line 20 to put Moor Lane 27 up after 4.

Three Magpies needed a couple of good cards, but Ashley Hickman and Gareth Herbert had a very close and good game before Ashley just edged it 19 to further extend the lead. But the Maggies hit back, Mitchell Harvey running out from 7-5 down playing a round peg down the edge, while Tom Palmer led 19 7 in the corners meaning it looked like it could nearly be all level with Jack Whitehead just 9 across. But Lee got back in and got back to 10, while Jack played a very difficult 3/4 corner mark well to have a good run and once he scored two at 16-9 it was all over. He then ran out to earn himself the man of the match award, before pulling out his raffle ticket to!

Overall Moor Lane won by 15. Well done to them and commiserations to Three Magpies for just dipping out.

So Moor Lane play Chadsmoor next Monday at Maddocks at 7.30.

Thank you to Penn for hosting the event tonight and for the excellent food, and also to Mick Brown for refereeing.


Moor Lane v Three Magpies

1 Kirk Stevens 21-17 Tony Williams
2 Alan Cooke 21-16  Adam Kirby
3 Adam Patrick 21-4 Russ Easthope
4 Bob Hickman 21-20 Glen Herbert
5 Ashley Hickman 21-19 Gareth Herbert
6 Dave Smith 7-21 Mitchell Harvey
7 Lee Woodfield 10-21 Tom Palmer
8 Jack Whitehead 21-9 Steve Sterland

Moor Lane 143-127 Three Magpies

Moor Lane won by 16