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(Affiliated to S.C.B.A. & W&W.C.B.A.;)

1)     The league will be known as the Staffordshire Premier Bowls League unless at the discretion of the executive committee a sponsors name is to be included in the title. The league headquarters will be Woodfield Sports & Social, Woodfield Avenue, Penn, Wolverhampton, WV4 4AF.

2)     The league officers to consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Records Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster. The executive committee to consist of the officers plus two representatives voted at the A.G.M. The executive committee will meet annually on October & March. Voting will be one vote for each member of the executive committee plus one vote per club.

3)     The league will be directly affiliated to Staffordshire County Bowling Association and all member clubs must be affiliated to that Association.

4)     The Half Yearly meeting will take place in November to consider any alterations to rules. Any club wishing to propose any rule amendments must put their proposals in writing to the secretary by the 1st October. The Annual General meeting will take place in January. Prize monies for the season to be decided at the AGM. Clubs not represented at any league meeting will be fined £10. No apologies accepted.

5)     The Secretary can call an emergency general meeting provided at least two members of the executive committee feel the reason for an unscheduled meeting is justified.

6)     Annual membership fee for the league is £50 for each team to be paid by 1stMarch. Match fees will be £1 per player per game to be paid by 1st October. The prize presentation will take place at the November half yearly meeting.

7)     Clubs applying to join the league must do so in writing to the secretary by 1stOctober enclosing a cheque for £50. If the application is successful the £50 will be the entry fee for the season and will only be refunded if the application is rejected. Any club wishing to resign must do so by 1st October or will have to pay the £50 membership fee for the coming season. The executive committee shall have the power to accept late applications to join the league if extenuating circumstances occur. NOTE: Cheques must be made payable to “Staffordshire Premier Bowls League”.

8)     Games to be played under B.C.G.B.A rules & the B.C.G.B.A. dress code to apply in all games.

9)     Teams to consist of eight players. All games 21up. League open to male & female bowlers.

10)  Matches to be played on Monday evening’s. Games to commence at 7.00pm. Clubs can mutually agree an earlier or later start time if they wish. Reverse fixtures will be arranged on consecutive Monday’s.

11)  Games to be played on a total aggregate scoring system. Points shall be awarded as follows. Two points home win – One point home draw – Three points away win – Two points away draw. In the event of teams level on points the league places will be decided by the team with the superior aggregate. Promotion & Relegation will be 2 up & 2 down.

12)  At the commencement of the game captains will make the draw by numbering their team one to eight. Games to be played in that order with the away player having first cast of the jack. Any player not present when called to the green will be allowed ten minutes after such time a substitute must take his / her place. Teams must use the official league scorecards in all games.

13)  At the end of each game the score sheet to be agreed by both captains. The home captain is responsible for phoning or sending a text message with the final score to the records secretary by 9.00am the following day. Match score sheet signed by both captain’s must be received by the records secretary within three days of the game. A £5 fine will be imposed if any part of this rule is broken. A home & away player of the match (MVP) to be marked with an asterix by their names on the scorecard. The home captain to select the away player of the match & visa versa.

14)  Each team to register players who must be affiliated to both BCGBA & SCBA by 1st March. Anyone playing an unregistered player shall forfeit the game 0-21. Anyone joining a club after 1st March shall be eligible to play for that club three days after registration. Transfers between member clubs will be allowed during the season providing the player concerned has fulfilled their financial obligations to their first club. They will not be allowed to play against their first registered club that season.

15)  Fixture dates to be agreed at the AGM. All matches must be played on the agreed fixture dates unless BCGBA or SCBA fixtures or inclement weather cause a postponement. No concessions will be allowed or splitting of matches. No fixtures will be scheduled on any bank holiday Monday. If the home team captain decides the green is unfit before or at any stage during the game his / her decision is final. Postponed matches to be completed within 14 days or both teams will be fined £20. Games cannot be postponed before 7.30pm due to weather conditions unless by mutual agreement between the two captains.

16)  A condition of membership is that all clubs have scoreboards in operation within twelve months of joining the league. Failure to use scoreboards will result in the home team being fined £10 per league game.

17)  League averages will be based on most wins then aggregate.

18)  Each home club must have a copy of the league and BCGBA rules available at all games.

19)  Any club having two teams in the league must register separate squads. No more than two first team players will be allowed to play in a second team fixture or visa versa.

20)  Any club wishing to join the league must have their bowling green postcode within a 25 mile radius “as the crow flies” of league HQ (Woodfield Social post code being WV4 4AF). The leagues approved website being –

21)  Any club wishing to join the league must be able to accommodate four jacks minimum. No three ended greens will be accepted into the league.

22)  Any matters not provided for in the league rules will be dealt with by the executive committee whose decision will be final.