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Playoffs 2014

The Summit Garage League play off Semi Final between Windmill B.C. & Penn B.C. will take place on Monday 8th September. The Venue being Hawkins Sports & Social Club, Coppice Lane, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall, WS6 7EY commencing at 7.30pm.

The Winners will play Tanworth In Arden on Monday 22nd September (Venue to be confirmed) for a place in the Premier Division.

The runners up in each feeder league will meet in a semi final play off on a neutral green. The winning team to play the 8th placed team in the Premier Division in the play off final. The play off final winners will play in the Premier division & losers go into feeder system. Play off dates to be decided at the AGM & greens selected by league secretary and record secretary. Members of play off teams must have played a minimum of FIVE games for their team in the Summit Garage League during that season. The scoring system for all play off games will be by aggregate. In the event of a tie on aggregate the team with most winners will go through. If still level it will be best winning card and if still level count back on winning cards.


Glyn Storer 18-21 Scott Harries
Vic Gray 21-20 Ben Dixon
Dave Chester 20-21 Greg Carr
Steve Chapman 9-21 Ant Aldridge
Lee Cavill 21-18 James Duce
Kevin Handley 21-13 Gary Cooper
Mick Bardsley 21-9 Mark Crook
Dave Murray 9-21 Jason Groom

Windmill 140-144 Penn

An entertaining match at Hawkins. The green looked ok and was quicker than it looked. Scott Harries finished his game in style after starting poorly. Glynn is always a tough nut to crack. Two 21-20’s followed, one going each way and an accomplished performance by Ant gave Penn a 15 shot lead after 4. Lee Cavill went 10-1 up, but got pegged back by James, who managed 18 in the finish. A good performance from Mick Bardsley levelled the match with 2 games on the green. Kevin was 19-11 up against Gary and Dave Murray found himself 18-1 down against Jason. Dave found a real ‘un in the corners to halt Jasons progress, but he got in again next end. Kevin managed to win to 13 leaving Dave on the green alone needing 13 to force a draw and 14 to win. But at 20-9, Jason found a good un and the match was won. Well done Penn.


The final took place this evening to see who would earn the right to take their place in the Premier Division next season !

I shall go into the match and how it went in a moment, in my unique style but before I do I must say WOW what a magnificent venue Cradley Heath Liberal Club is. If any of my readers haven’t visited and you want to have a look I for one would highly recommend it, seriously what a great set-up. The green is superb, relatively small for those of you in Warwick and Worcester land, I would say it’s similar in size and shape to Triplex, but about twice as big. The green is immaculate, the surface of the green was awesome, not an easy green which had a decent size konk, you had to bowl the land or else.

The clubhouse/s were superb also, well presented and magnificently laid out, great floodlights and so it goes on. You wouldn’t mind playing on the green and at the venue, week in and week out.

I arrived in plenty of time, with my good friends Bazza and Graham Maskell, who have served as my Monday night chauffers throughout the season, Junior would like to say a HUGE thank you for all my lifts here there and everywhere throughout the Summit Garage league season. So with us there a little earlier than anticipated, we decided to visit Ivan’s Fish and Chip shop which was over the road from the venue Smile

The shop is quite well known and it said on the door when I entered, the shop had been there for 50 years and was established in 1957, now unless my maths have gone wrong that makes it 2007. Maybe the shop was closed during the Falklands War or something, I just don’t know Wink

I went in and the lady behind the counter said Wink what would you like, so I replied just a portion of chips Wink . She then asked me would I like normal chips or battered chips, I thought to myself Battered Chips you know a bit like Peter Kay saying Gaaaaaarlic Bread. We don’t have battered chips in Sunny Shirley, so I was a bit I thought I’d give the battered chips a go and I tell you what they were bloody fantastic !

So with the start time ( 7.30pm ) fast approaching, a decent sized crowd had formed around the green, well done to all the spectators who attended this evening’s match Smile Smile

Ok readers, here are the scores from tonight’s match

Tanworth in Arden Penn

Stuart Bishop 15 Scott Harries 21
Steve Jones 11 Ben Dixon 21
Tim Mole 16 Greg Carr 21
Neil Clarke 21 James Duce 19
Peter Mole 21 Mark Crook 12
Gavin Sparks 12 Gary Cooper 21
Bazza Maskell Jnr 21 Mark Stevens 18
Dave Wolverson 16 Jason Groom 21

Total Match Score 133 154

So with all the individual games completed, Penn win the match by 21 shots with 5 winners !!

I get on great with the Tanworth in Arden boys so wanted them to win tonight and secure their place in the Premier Division so disappointed for them, but many congratulations to Penn who booked their place in the top division for the 2015 season !

So here we go my brief analysis of how it went. Penn started much the better and were up in three of the games from the off, I marked the card between Tim Mole and Greg Carr, Greg was on fire from the start and led 10-0, it didn’t look good for Tim at this point.

Tim struggled without the jack, as everyone did all night. But once he got it he then played to his block magnificently. Tim battled for every shot and played well in the end to get 16 ( well battled Tim ).

The best game of the first 4 in Junior’s opinion was Chicken’s match against James Duce, nip and tuck and some high quality bowling by both players, a last end decider which the game deserved, a very good match played between two great warriors Smile

Scott Harries played it well to defeat BishBosh, Stuart played well also don’t get me wrong, Scott played one mark across from the clubhouse towards the scoreboards that little bit better than Stuart which was probably the difference in the end.

Ben played it well all over the green, Gravy struggled a little tonight and after the first four matches, Penn led by 19 shots.

Tanworth in Arden had it to do, but the score at halftime could have been worse especially as Tim was trailing 10-0 at one stage.

Tanworth in Arden were now slowly but surely coming back into it but obviously they would need things to go their way. Next match would see Peter Mole play the green very very well indeed and with his card against Mark Crook coming off favourably the deficit was now just 10 shots with three matches still to go, so anyone’s match still.

The remaining matches started pretty evenly, my good friend Bazza Maskell started magnificently well and bowled a lovely 20 metre round peg that Mark struggled with, Bazza led 9-0 and was nailing it, I was trying to give him as much support as I could, but he didn’t need it as he was awesome.

A different game without the jack however and Mark started to find his weight, Bazza was still in control and led at 14-4. Then lying 2 to make it 16-4, Mark had a lucky bowl and managed to have a rickoshea, which meant he counted 2 to make it 14-6 Crying or Very sad

Mark then found a decent weight, Barry had some bad luck with a couple of yard over bowls which Mark counted. In the end Bazza would win to 18.

Just 7 behind now, Gary Cooper played it well to beat Gavin, Gavin bowled some very good woods to win some of the ends but it would be Gary that would win to 12 and therefore Penn had a lead of 16 shots.

The match was nip and tuck and wasn’t really over until this match had come off, Chompy’s match with Jason was a high quality match and was nip and tuck throughout. As I have said a couple of times already you needed the block tonight, you couldn’t bowl outside the land as it didn’t seem to peg much anywhere on the green.

I marked this one as well, Dave played very well indeed and this match could quite easily have gone either way, as neither player deserved to lose in my opinion. In the end Jason won to 16, well bowled Chompy !

The man of the match award for tonight’s match went to Gary Cooper from Penn who was presented with a nice trophy supplied by Drakes Pride.

Ok then just a quick summary Junior would like to thank a few people. First to Mel Evans and Lynn Pritchatt for all their hard work and dedication to the Summit Garage league, not only tonight but throughout the season !

Mel acted tonight as chief photographer and announcer, of the scores to the crowd as each match came off the green, well done Mel great job Smile

To Lynn and Nick Newey who acted as the measurers, well done to you, also to Mick Brown who was the referee this evening, they say a good referee is one that does what he has to do well, and one that goes un-noticed really, well that was Mick tonight, very good !!

From me I would like to thank all the members at Tanworth in Arden as part of their Summit Garage league side, who have made me feel welcome each and every Monday night, I have enjoyed watching throughout the campaign and marking cards etc, I love it, so many many thanks.

Also tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Staite, one of Juniors readers. It’s nice for me to put faces to my readers Smile Smile Bill told me tonight that he red my County final report whilst on holiday 13,500 miles away whilst he was holidaying in Australia, so it just shows what a wide audience read my reports Smile nice to meet you Bill, I hope you like this effort !!

Junior hopes that the Summit Garage league continues to flourish and thrive for many seasons to come, some top top quality bowling on a Monday what could be better. I am sure with the sponsors and people such as Mel and Lynn and the like continuing to support the league that it will continue to be one of the top midweek leagues in the country !!!

All that remains for Junior to say is that I enjoyed my first experience of visiting the venue, I’m sure it won’t be the last.

This is Junior reporting from the ditch alongside the scoreboards, a great angle to see the bowls going over the konk Smile Smile

It only takes one bowl to win an end, Just Ask Junior !!!

PS. I hope my readers like my effort tonight, if I have offended or upset anyone then I am truly sorry, I haven’t a nasty bone in my body Smile