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Fantasy Bowls 2018 Launch!

The 2018 Fantasy Bowls League has been launched! Details can be found on this link but rules and scoring system are below. I’m hoping to have a first prize for this too.

You have 40 million to spend to make a squad.
You can have no more than 2 players from the same club. You are allowed one player name and Captain change each week.
You allowed to use a wild card once each half of the season where you can change any number of players.

Scoring System
1 point for a home win.
2 ponts for an away win.
1 point for a single figure home win.
2 points for a single figure away win.
5 points for only winner.
1 point for best home winner.
2 points for best away winner.
-1 point for loss at home.
-2 points for single figure home loss.
-1 point for single figure away loss.
-2 ponts for worst looser at home.
-1 point for wores looser away.
-5 points for only looser.
15 points for winning to 0 at home.
30 points for winning to 0 away.
-15 points for loosing to 0 away.
-30 points for loosing to 0 at home.
5 points for home MVP.
10 points for away MVP.

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