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Ryan Hyde Junior Competition Report & Results

Willenhall Nordley bowls club held their first Junior Tournament, the Ryan Hyde junior competition on Sunday the 29th of April with Shannon Kernick (Warwick and Worcester)winning a close final 21 20 against Cody Everitt (Staffordshire). The competition was run to help develop the junior game in Midlands and raise money for the anaphylaxis campaign, it was well supported by the 4 counties, Staffordshire, Warwick & Worcester, North Midlands and Shropshire without their support this would not have been a success. The day itself saw 32 young players of the game come together and put on a real master class of bowls, this was a great advertisements for crown green bowls. Willenhall Nordley bowls club are proud to hold this tournament and are looking forward to running this competition every year to help with the grass root development of the game.

Results First Round: Ethan Hall (Staffordshire) 13 Harry Church (Shropshire) 21, Dylan Burdett (North Midlands) 3 Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) 21, Matt Parry (Shropshire)21 Tom Lea (North Midlands) 8, Jack Newsome (Warwick & Worcester) 17 Joe Dicken (Staffordshire) 21, Finley Roach (North Midlands) 2 Tom Skidmore (Staffordshire) 21, Camilla Parsonage (Shropshire) 5 Matthew Caines (Warwick & Worcester) 21, Jordyn Hughes (Staffordshire) 21 Susie Lawson (Shropshire) 16, Taylor Wildman (North Midlands) 13 Cameron Cutler (Warwick & Worcester) 21, Kieron Jones (Shropshire) 21 James Harris (North Midlands) 14, Reece Maskell (Warwick & Worcester) 21 Rhys Evans (Staffordshire) 14, Alfie Knight (North Midlands) 21 Owen Evans (Staffordshire) 7, Molly Harris (Shropshire) 21 Liam Lowery (Warwick & Worcester)20, Brogan Wilshire(Staffordshire) 11 Emma Massey Jones (Shropshire) 21, Molly Tonks (North Midlands) 13 Matt Grundy (Warwick & Worcester) 21, Harry Parsonage (Shropshire)17 Liam Dennis (North Midlands) 21, Callum Mitchell (Warwick & Worcester) 12 Cody Everitt (Staffordshire) 21.

Second round Harry Church (Shropshire) 13 Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) 21, Matt Parry (Shropshire) 17 Joe Dicken (Staffordshire) 21, Tom Skidmore (Staffordshire) 10 Matthew Caines (Warwick & Worcester) 21, Jordyn Hughes (Staffordshire) 12 Cameron Cutler (Warwick & Worcester) 21, Kieron Jones (Shropshire) 21 Reece Maskell (Warwick & Worcester) 13, Alfie Knight (North Midlands) 21 Molly Harris (Shropshire) 18, 11 Emma Massey Jones (Shropshire) 14 Matt Grundy (Warwick & Worcester) 21, Liam Dennis (North Midlands) 17 Cody Everitt (Staffordshire) 21.

Quarter Finals Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) 21 Joe Dicken (Staffordshire) 7, Matthew Caines (Warwick & Worcester) 21 Cameron Cutler (Warwick & Worcester) 12, Kieron Jones (Shropshire) 20 Alfie Knight (North Midlands) 21, Matt Grundy (Warwick & Worcester) 16 Cody Everitt (Staffordshire) 21.

Semi Final Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) 21 Matthew Caines (Warwick & Worcester) 13, Alfie Knight (North Midlands) 13 Cody Everitt (Staffordshire) 21.

Final Shannon Kernick (Warwick & Worcester) Cody Everitt (Staffordshire) 20.

We would like to make a note of Alfie Knight who lost in the semi-final of the competition, this 11 year old not only did he entertain the crowd with his enthusiasm for the game he also wanted to donate his prize money of £50 to the charity, what a fantastic gesture from this young man.

The League and Summit Garage congratulates Willenhall Nordley on running a successful competition.

The two finalists with organiser Dan Bodley (centre).


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