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New BCGBA Guidance

Considering the relaxation of conditions for local cricket we have made strenuous efforts, which remain ongoing, to obtain further guidance from Government on the commencement of community sport, which includes crown green bowling. Following yesterday’s announcement, we have 33 pages of regulations to go through before we can fully update guidance& then have to obtain approval from the Department of Sport. Consequently, the best advice/guidance we can give at this moment in time is as follows below.

30 people allowed at the venue including those on green as long as all social distancing is maintained (this will allow up to 30 people in total).

The number of players on the green should be risk assessed by your club and an acceptable number agreed based on the size of the green.

Each group can consist of 2 households, (Social bubbles) or up to 6 from individual households.

All previous social distancing guidance and advice remains in force

that’s not covered here.

  • Social distancing 2 metres or 1 metre plus mitigation (this would require additional measures such as face coverings to allow 1 metre, and/or ensuring good hygiene and cleaning is maintained as all times)1
  • Players should maintain social distancing and keep up to 4 metres between groups to allow for social distancing between groups
  • Multi Green venues permitted maximum groups numbers agreed per green and must enable groups are separated and entrance and exits routes are displayed to avoid cross contact between groups
  • Club Schedule of Attendance (names, dates & times must be recorded) produced to ensure limited attendance should be maintained. Club contact records telephone numbers and email contacts collected
  • Family groups – 2 family groups can meet up of any size, but all other guidance applies on social distancing.
  • Common sense applies. Players take responsibility for their own actions.

Club Competitions, single’s and pairs

  • Club Competition organisers should be aware of the issues regarding Covid19 guidance*
  • Only Club members allowed. (External bowlers not permitted)
  • Paperwork* and risk assessment* completed and a copy forwarded to

County Safeguarding Officer: Phil Scott

  • *The Club Secretary and or Chairman to sign the Covid Competition action plan/risk assessment detailing how competition will be run safely and within the current social distancing arrangements. All competition administrators to sign that they understand the action plan to ensure they fully understand the regulations.

Be aware that this guidance could change at any point and could be withdrawn if the risk level increases


You are now able to use club communal equipment however a strict cleaning plan should be displayed and be clear to all players.

  • Equipment to be disinfected/cleaned before and after each game is completed, ie. jacks and mats.
  • Shaking of hands – use appropriate alternative methods. i.eelbows, thumbs up etc.


• Follow strong hygiene practices at every opportunity – wash your hands when you get home

• Once you have completed your session, please depart as soon as you safely can to enable others to access the green.

• Being careful about touching solid surfaces e.g. gates, seating, doors, etc.

• Wash your hands as soon as you get home, avoid touching your face and take hand sanitiser with you to use while out if possible


• You must have a clear process for knowing who is playing at the green, make this as clear as you can for your club members to understand and abide by.

• Please place a sign in clear view of all visitors of the guidelines set out above.

Shared Public greens – ensure you have an attendance list of your club members who have attended should this information be required. You are only responsible for your club members information.

OPEN COMPETITIONS, AND LEAGUE MATCHES, WHETHER FRIENDLY OR COMPETITIVE, ARE NOT PERMITTED. due to the constraints & Regulations on testing which apply to Elite (professional) Sports.

Further Guidance will follow when approved by DCMS (dept Sport).

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